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Oahu Surf Spots – Velzyland

World-class Velzyland, or V-Land, is part of the famed seven mile miracle on Oahu’s North Shore. Between Kahuku and Sunset Beach, it’s the territory of local, experienced surfers. Waves range from 2’ to 8’ feet, best for shortboards and bodyboarders. Right-hand waves, a coral reef bottom and challenging from the peak to tubing wall to hollow barrells prove exhilarating. This surf spot is the easternmost surf break on the North Shore.

Expect rippable walls and long barrels. The strong currents and reef are potential dangers. Interestingly, the big days can bring a left, Freddies and also another big wave spot, Phantoms. Swell directions are north, northwest and northeast. Wind directions are south, southwest and southeast.

  • Type of Break: Beach break
  • Life guarded: No
  • Crowd Size: Can get crowded with experienced surfers.
  • Localized: Very localized. Want to break in? Make friends.
  • Skill Level: Advanced
November 19, 2010 at 2:35 am
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